AquaClean rejuvenates and makes your skin look younger

Clean & Hydrate Your Skin!

The AquaClean Facial is a 3-step process using water to promote cell renewal and hydration. Treats both anti-aging concerns (fine lines, dry and dull skin, sun damage) and acne concerns (clogged pores, oily and congested skin). 

One of the gentlest microdermabrasions you’ll experience! 

No downtime! Skin is clean, plumped, and glowing! 

The Abrasion Free Liquid Facial Renewal!

Our skin naturally becomes more dehydrated as we age. This pattern leads fine lines in our face and textural imperfections. 

At Bloom MedSpa, we use an innovative process called AquaClean which is an abrasion free, non-medical aesthetic liquid facial system that infuses different liquid solutions into the skin. This process hydrates the skin and improves elasticity. In fact, hydrated skin helps improve the texture and volume causing fine lines to be less noticeable. Also, liquid cell plumping causes new cells to develop, energizes healthy cells and removes old cells. The AquaClean procedure will also remove blackheads, whiteheads, bacteria and dirt that can cause an acne breakout. 

The AquaClean procedure takes approximately twenty (20) minutes, is abrasion free, painless with no down time. Most of our clients notice an immediate improvement. Just a single treatment helps reveal more younger looking skin and often leaves clients with a radiant glow. 

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